Blurring the lines

SHOW: Pinot to Picasso at the Arts Council of Princeton, Paul Robeson Center April 6-17
RECEPTION: Artists’ Reception at Paul Robeson Center, Princeton April 9 5-7pm
PRESS: Loose Ends: Creating Art Brick by Brick

Blurring the lines through interpretation and transformation. Deconstructing images to their essence, transforming them into hyper-realistic and captivating artworks in two and three dimensions using sculptural and textual elements made from Lego bricks. Further, the use of these small plastic bricks that everyone has lying around their homes immediately registers with viewers of my art. When I create artworks and in particular portraits, especially of well known icons, here a question is raised immediately between the plasticity of these bricks that can be taken apart and rebuilt and the way we create and model icons in society.


A note on Lego as a medium
Lego in all its various forms is at the same time limiting as well as limitless in it’s possibilities. The color palette is limited yet consistent and the basic “pixel” size is also fixed. Yet at the same time, it is a hard, durable, tactile and lightweight material, it can be reused, replaced and altered at will, and provides a myriad of different possibilities due to the different available shaped bricks, tiles and plates, with the exciting opportunity to create 3-dimensional and textural aspects to the art.


2 thoughts on “Blurring the lines

  1. I saw one of your works in a coffee shop in princeton last month and really liked it. Is all your artwork currently for sale on the web site? Do you ever do commissioned work?

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